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sanity workouts


Never miss a workout again, Sanity Workouts on Instagram Live.

Note: You MUST fill out your INSTAGRAM NAME in the form below to gain access to the @SanityWorkouts page after payment.

What's Included

£19.99 per month

  • Access to 10+ live workouts each week: 

    • Body weight workouts will last 30 minutes​

    • Dumbbell workouts will last 45 minutes

  • Sessions will be recorded and uploaded for you to access on IGTV so you can train whenever convenient for you.

  • Fitness and nutrition tips

  • You can access support via DM (please allow up to 24hr for response)

  • Join a supportive fitness family

What you will need

  • Exercise mat

  • Dumbbells/weighted items

  • Water


You MUST fill out the form below with your IG name and email.


Plus follow @sanityworkouts, otherwise we won't know who you are even if you have paid.

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Every Month

IG Live Membership T&Cs

You may cancel your membership at any time in writing. Email us at at least FIVE DAYS BEFORE your membership renewal date. If we do not receive your cancellation request before then, you will be automatically charged and enrolled onto the following month.

"This motivates me so much more! I just wouldn’t do it if you wasn’t there live! Very clear even on my phone too."


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