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C28 only happens three times per year.

March, June & September

If you've missed the last one, you can still get in early and secure your space today on the next 28 day transformation programme.

All you need to do is click on the link below.

"I've never been so motivated to give 100%! The trainers kept me accountable every step of the way! That's what made the difference."

E. Marsden

May 2019

Are you determined to achieve the transformation you want?

Are you looking for a fitness package that combines everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals?


C28 offers:

  • 20 days of sweat dripping, fat killing, muscle firming workouts 

  • 28 days of fat shredding, energy boosting nutrition

  • And daily online support to keep you motivated

  • All done with a competitive edge

Are you looking to push your limits, helping you to achieve the kind of results you'd only dreamed of before?


In the past five years of C28, during our bid to make South London the fittest place in the UK, hundreds of kilos have been lost.


Check out some of the amazing transformations.