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what our clients say

Claire - Sanity Workouts

Loving these classes. One of the highlights of the week!

This lockdown situation is crap but things like your classes make things better

Anika - Sanity Workouts

Sanity Workouts is a 10/10 for me! Thanks Isaac!

Ian - Sanity Workouts

Just Great! From the lighting and sound quality to the length of the class, just right! can’t fault it mate!  

Anna-Marie - Sanity Workouts

Brilliant sessions! It’s great to have a human contact and face! I am buzzing!

Chris - Sanity Workouts

Sweating! Really clear and easy to follow yet still challenging. Thank you!

Suzanne - Sanity Workouts

This motivates me so much more! I just wouldn’t do it if you wasn’t there live! Very clear even on my phone too.

Emma - Sanity Workouts

Seeing you live on screen makes all the difference as I need to be pushed! Perfect!

Daniel - Sanity Workouts

This couldn’t come at a better time! Just the right balance to kick start my day!

Emma - C28

I've never been so motivated to give 100%! The trainers kept me accountable every step of the way! That's what made the difference.

Hannah - Sanity Workouts

Nice to see other people in the little windows, really brings back that group session feeling!

Charisse - Sanity Workouts

That was great! I think this is definitely the way forward!

Ella - Sanity Workouts

Very efficiently done, hearing the timer helps me to push on, you’re clearly visible which helps too. You called out my name just as I was about to give up and that really helped.

I like that you correct us which helps us get the best from the exercise.

The interaction makes it so much better than just some youtube video. 

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