mindful body reset

This 2-hour workshop is designed to help you alleviate stress and tightness out of your body. If you've been working hard on your fitness goals, this health and wellbeing session will allow your body and mind to reset into a more relaxed, balanced and healthier state.

The session is made up in three parts:

  • Trigger ball to help release knots and tension throughout the whole body

  • Pilates based stretches to improve flexibility and reset the body to its naturally balanced stress free state

  • Ending with a guided meditation to help clear and refocus the mind. Bringing mind and body into a beautiful, calm, relaxed and revitalises state of being

Mindful Body Reset takes place the last Friday of each month and has limited spaces. If you take part in Meso Fitness exercise classes or personal training sessions, this is the perfect addition to your routine to help prepare your mind and body for the next month's fitness programme. 


Time to reset. 

Equipment: Bring a mat and blanket