Core & Conditioning

Located at the Meso Fitness studios in Crystal Palace, this group fitness class is concentrated on sculpting, tightening and building your core. Are you looking for a group exercise class that will also workout your chest and back as well as your abs, giving you maximum bang for your buck? 

Meso Fitness classes are about boosting results in the shortest space of time. The Core & Conditioning class is not entirely about your six pack. Visible abs and a shapely midriff are a byproduct of your consistent exercise and a healthy nutrition plan.


Unlike our other Meso Fitness sessions, this one has limited high impact exercises. It's perfect for you as a beginner or if you're advanced in your health and wellbeing journey.

What's stopping you from getting involved today so you can feel a positive difference to your health and wellbeing tomorrow?

If you're unsure if this is the fitness class for you, check out our other classes  and book yourself into a free taster session to try it out. Bring a friend.