All Meso Fitness Classes are located in our Studios based in Crystal Palace. 


You can book onto any of our available classes for free. Bring a friend to join your health and fitness journey and they can access the classes for free also. 


Check out our list of classes below.

MesoFit Boxing

Build boxing skills with this non-contact fitness class. Know your body limits, then push it to the next level!

MesoFit Circuits

A series of exercises designed to improve your fitness and muscle tone by giving you a full on, full body workout experience.

MesoFit Core & Conditioning

Designed to build, tone and sculpt your midriff. Learn how to engage and control your core and benefit from improved balance and control.

MesoFit HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training Meso Fitness style. Ignite and torch your fat cells, whilst boosting your muscle fibres for maximum results!

MesoFit strength

Meso Fit Strength is designed to build up your muscular strength using techniques and exercises that will maximise the output from your current fitness levels to increased amounts. 

Meso Fitness exercise classes are a great place to meet people and stay motivated. But if you want something more to support your specific fitness and health goals, then why not book a free personal training session? 

Remember, you can save money and have access to all our services if you decide to join the MesoFit fam with your own MesoFit Membership.

Whatever your goals, we are here to help you achieve them, the way you want to achieve them.