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final OFFER

10% OFF
Offer ends Sept 28th

We're giving you a 10% discount off your C28 package this Autumn. 

You​r final chance to join the 28 day body transformation programme in 2018. 

Guaranteed results or your money back. 

Your challenge start 1st Oct '18


This Autumn's C28 body transformation programme will be the best one yet!

Starts: 1st October 2018


The ultimate fitness package, 20 days of heart pumping, fat burning, muscle toning workouts and 28 days of fat shredding, energy fuelling nutrition.

October C28 is the fitness package for you if you're really looking to push your limits and achieve the kind of results you'd only dreamed of before.

To speed up the transition, you will get a tailored nutrition programme that accompanies the fitness sessions, to ensure you have every possibility of achieving the results you deserve.

This is the programme for you.

Get in touch today to secure your place!

C28 Oct 2018

C28 Oct 2018

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